Full edit Tutorial with Lura

In this tutorial I will be going over the full process I would use to edit most of my images.


Topics covered:

1. My Process For Prepping a RAW image in LightRoom for Photoshop (minimal lightroom processing)

2. Removing Blemishes (Photoshop)

3. Frequency Seperation Editing (Photoshop)

4. Global Dodging and Burning (Photoshop)

5. Coloring and Toning

6. Adding Overlays

7. Sharpening


*A Wacom tablet is highly recommended for editing*


Included in the ZIP file is the video tutorial and the RAW image I will be using, and two overlay images I used as well, so that you can follow along using the same images if you like. The image included is not to be used in anyway, other than to follow along with this tutorial, without permission. 


*Note: The contents in the ZIP file is 191.3MB in size*


Full edit Tutorial with Lura